Wireless Telemetry PT Solution

The conventional oil Well heads are fitted with local connection for Manual pressure gauge readouts. Often times, the absence of temperature gauges make the acquisition of field data incomplete. Most times the readouts of pressures are often from dial gauges with questionable accuracy and expired calibration.

PETDON in partnership with its reputable OEM’s provides wireless telemetry solution for Wireless Monitoring of Wellhead Tubing and Casing Pressures which proves More Efficient and Accurate over Manual and Wired Methods.

Monitoring tubing and casing pressures from wellheads helps operators optimize ongoing well production while gaining a better understanding of long-term performance.  Sites using manual monitoring methods are finding difficulty in managing costs, efficiency and accuracy of operations.  Even wired remote monitoring systems are expensive when considering wire and trenching costs. Wireless remote monitoring systems are proving more cost effective and efficient in tracking tubing and casing pressures from wellheads, especially those located in challenging and large-scale environments.

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